Running For Wellness – How an Austin 5K Does This

Publish Date: April 12

When you see others train and run marathons, what do you think? If you’re a runner yourself, then you understand how it benefits your life and how good it makes you feel. But if you’re not a runner, then it seems like a daunting tasks that makes you put in effort to physically train and work for what seems like a pointless race. Technically, you might be right — there’s no real point to running multiple 5K races, unless you just like winning and having medals. But that’s a very tactical point of view and you might be missing all the benefits that come with it.

Build a Habit

The key to wellness and doing anything in life is habits. We all have them, but some are good while others are bad. The best way to remove a bad habit is to replace it with a good one. In order to run a 5K, you need to be able to sustain for nearly 3 miles (if you want to do it without stopping, but breaks are totally ok!). This means that you’ve got to train beforehand which might result in 2-3 runs per week, minimum. A habit takes about 67 days to properly form, and running every week for 2 months will definitely create a strong habit. Your body will eventually yearn for the exercise and you’ll feel it in your muscles. You’ll also feel the immediate highs while running and the great feeling of having done it right after.

Long-Term Health

Obviously, running will improve your overall health. You get blood flowing, exercise your heart, reduce the amount of crap in your arteries, and improve your overall endurance and muscular health. Additionally, you’re increasing the overall flow of blood to your brain, which improves your mental capacity for other tasks, whether it’s just after a workout or improving blood flow over time for long-term results. There are so many health benefits to running regularly, and you don’t need to become a marathon runner to take advantage of them.

Make It Fun

You can make running a 5K fun! For example, an Austin event called Fun Stop 5K, does just that by combining a music festival with a 5k, and adding a twist to it — they add “fun stops” that you can check out along the way. Although this isn’t what we’d consider a real 5k race where you go all in, you’ll still do some running and in a fun way that makes it feel like you’re not really doing a 5K. You’ll want to do so minor training beforehand, but you don’t need to be an athlete. Making it fun and enjoying all the activities, music, and food, is exactly the way to make something that seems so mundane into a super exciting event that occurs only once a year.

The First Step Is The Hardest

The first step is the absolute most difficult, but once you get started you are incentivized to keep it going. Some of the best ways to stay motivated are to think about your desire for the end result and then to keep track of your progress. You can try the Seinfeld method in order to not break the occurrence, and you can also keep track of your measurements in order to track your progress. We don’t recommend using weight to keep track of progress because unless you’re in high numbers, your weight will fluctuate so much that it’ll appear as though you’re not receiving any benefit. There are a number of reasons for this, but suffice it to say that it’s best to work with measurements and/or body fat percentage. Either way, just get started!

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