Best Weightlifting Shoes for Squats & Deadlifts

June 26, 2018

Best Shoes for Weight Lifting – Squatting & Deadlifting

Athletes need a healthy mind-body system to perform at their best at all times. As explained by Sports Factory UK healthy muscles are very important in this regard. Muscle stiffness, soreness, and joint pains are some of the hindrances that can reduce the strength and performances of an athlete. That is where sports massage comes in handy. There are many sports massage techniques that can help relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and joint pains. But you should be cautious as to not try these techniques if you have swollen joints and muscles. Here are effective sports muscle techniques to improve your overall performance as an athlete.



Deep tissue trigger point pressure is an effective technique in this regard. Apply firm pressure with your second and third fingers on the tender trigger points around the joints and deep within the tissues. This will eliminate the stiffness and soreness of the muscles quite effectively. Although pressing deeply into the trigger points might be painful at first, you should hold and tolerate this discomfort for 10 seconds and then release the pressure. Repeat 2-3 times on the same trigger point before you move to another area in the body.

Sports Massage for Weightlifters

Cross fibre friction stroke is an alternative technique to deep tissue trigger point method. Use the thumb to apply several strokes on a tight muscle to release the tension in it. This method is known as the cross fibre friction stroke. If you want to relieve a sore point in the groin, you should do this method in a seated position. Compression is another sports massage technique. Select a sore muscle group and use one hand or the other on top of the affected muscle and press up and down with the palm. These are some of the most effective sports massage tips to relieve muscles sores and stiffness.

Massage is a very important part of modern sports science and when implemented properly, and the sportsperson is allowed adequate they will be back to full strength relatively quickly, and with minimal pain or long-term injury. It is important to also be aware of using high-quality footwear when playing sports, especially football where so much is demanded from the athletes foot, whether striking the ball, jumping to perform a header or intercepting a powerful pass. For soccer players, we recommend really high quality football boots, like the best fifa world cup football boots 2018 for reliability under pressure.

Best Shoes for Squats

The tips recommended above are extremely important, but the importance of owning the correct footwear cannot be underestimated particularly for weightlifters who should use the best weightlifting shoes for squats.

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