A Complete Guide Boxing Gear and How Protection from Injury

April 4, 2018

Boxing is thrilling and high-contact sports and many people like watching it all over the globe. It is a dangerous game and boxers need to protect themselves with the required ‘protective gears’ in order to prevent themselves from getting severely injured. These gears are specially designed to safeguard the boxers from fatal injuries. There are different types of boxing gears such as headgears, boxing gloves, groin protectors, hand wraps, bag gloves etc. Some of the boxing gears are used for a workout at home and some for training with partners.

Here is a list of Boxing Gears That Athletes Use

  1. Hand Wraps: These protective gears would protect you from bleeding profusely due to scraped knuckles and as a result prolong the longevity of the boxing and bag gloves by soaking up the sweat that can seep into the gloves otherwise. The hand wraps are available in an array of colours and sizes and the 180” pro-styled hand wraps are preferred. A good alternative to these hand wraps are the Mexican-styled hand wraps. These wraps are elastic and form a tight grip on the hands.


  1. Bag Gloves: The bag gloves are different from the sparring boxing gloves. These training gloves are provided with padding for protecting the hands of the athletes while knocking the ‘heavy bag’. It is wise to invest in leather, durable gloves with Velcro fasteners for a better fit.


  1. Heavy Bag: The heavy bags are filled up with soft or hard fill, weigh 70 pounds and are made from canvas, vinyl material or leather. They are equipped with the swivel mount for attaching to the stand or ceiling. The difference between the soft and hard-filled bags is that the soft filled bags have an additional foam layer inside. A heavy leather bag is a sound investment as it can withstand a lot of abuse.


  1. Boxing Gloves: These protective gears are designed to protect the wearer from injury while sparring with a partner. These are foam-padded 2-layered gloves with the Velcro straps. The additional padding of these gloves helps in absorbing the force from the blows. Always choose top boxing gloves which protect your hand.



  1. Headgear: It is an essential protective gear that protects the head from all kinds of soft tissue damage, such as scrapes and cuts. There are various types of headgears from the minimal coverage to the ones that cover everything except the eyes.


  1. Mouthguard: The mouthguard is essential to protect your teeth and lips while training with a partner. The mouthguards are pliable. You can put them in your mouth or bite down and they form a protective shield around the teeth. The double duty mouth guards provide better protection especially of the mandibular teeth but they are uncomfortable and provide difficulty in breathing for the wearer.


  1. Groin and Chest Protectors: The chest and the groin protectors are essential for protecting the chest as well as the groin area. These are sensitive regions and hence it is essential to protect these areas. The groin guard helps to completely protect the ‘reproductive organs’. Hence it is a big mistake to not wear the protective gears while training or during a boxing game.

This a complete guide to the protective gears required for protecting an athlete during a boxing game. It is advised to invest in quality gears keeping in mind the importance of these gears.

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